Marketing activities are based on web feeds such as Facebook, Instagram, Adwords, Youtube or Internet forums.
Thanks to them it is possible to conduct adwords campaigns which closely targets the clients of a given industry, as well as to attach company’s offer to Google Marchant that presents the product in a graphic form just below the search engine.

The increase of Instagram followers is achievable thanks to a few simple steps. By gathering experience of your own and other companies, you can decide which strategy is most profitable. Cooperation with Inluencers is based on historical data and facilitates organization of the budget allocated to this marketing channel.
Thanks to such tools as Power Editor we are able to reach selected receiver groups with our customized advertisement. This results in better adjustment of the advertisement to the user and reduction of unnecessary costs.
By using specialized tools we can also reach and immediately react to conversations regarding a given product or service taking place on Internet forums, Facebook.


Below, you can see one of the sessions conducted for PremiumArena BMW Dealer with participation of rally pilot, Maciek Wisławski, well-known among others for competing in racing with Krzysztof Hołowczyc, frequent participation in TV programs and speaking for the media on automotive industry.


Another example is participation of a well-known TV presenter, Ania Wendzikowska, in the campaign for Kolagen NCN, namely in advertising spots which reach TV and web channels.

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